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Our heart's desire is to write and share uplifting, empowering music to praise and worship God each new day. We lift Him up in song and give Him glory for His great love and mercies that are new every morning!
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New Day Praise Latest Release:​​​​​ ​
I Will Not Be Defeated ​​

​When life’s storms come against us and we feel surrounded by enemy forces, it’s not the time to retreat. Your victory begins with your attitude and determination to arise and believe that you will not be defeated. Let this overcoming, victory song empower you today!!
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 So Wonderful (Abba Father) 

Song based on Psalm 139. God knows everything about us. His knows each one of us so intimately. His love and presence are inescapable! We are His beloved children and He is our Abba Father. From the depths of our hearts, may we sing, “I worship You Lord in adoration and praise You for Your wonderful creation.” He is so awesome and so wonderful!!!!

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 ​Trust You ​​

​This song is based on Proverbs 3:5-8 where we are encouraged to put our trust in the Lord rather than rely on what we think we know. May this song strengthen your faith to trust God will all of your heart and to remember Him in all that you do!! He is so awesome!!
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 Surrounded With Your Presence ​​

This beautiful song of worship, Surrounded With Your Presence, is based on Psalm 27. It is our prayer that it leads you to the secret place where God holds you close to Him. As you listen, may you experience the incomparable peace and joy of being surrounded with His presence.
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​​ Worthy ​​

​WORTHY is based on Psalm 96 and it is a call to worship the Lord! May this moving song draw you into the very presence of God as you worship the Lord who is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise!
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​​ The Lord's Prayer ​​

​In Matthew 6:6-13 Jesus taught his disciples the way to pray. This is the Lord’s Prayer in song. As you listen, may you draw close to the Lord who hears your prayers.

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